January 8, 2007

Tom DeLonge

It was a grim morning indeed when I woke from an excellent dream to the sad realization that not only did I not have unlimited kissing access to Tom DeLonge, I probably never would have unlimited kissing access to Tom DeLonge, or even limited kissing access. Plus, it is grey and bleh outside, and there is so much laundry to do, and so much of that laundry smells like pee, and speaking of pee I should attend to the cat box today. Oh, god. If I could be sure of getting back into that same dream, I would call a sitter and then go back to bed.

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desperate housewife said...

Oh, I always want to go to back to bed! The only thing that ever manages to get my feet on the floor in the morning is the thought that I can go back to bed just as soon as Jim leaves for work, if I'm very quiet and don't wake Addy. That never works and I hardly ever do go back to bed, but somehow I am able to trick myself into believing that it will happen.