January 22, 2007


This morning I'd planned to give the twins a bath, but I'm too tired. I remember this pregnancy tiredness: it's like wearing a shawl of "sit down! sit down!" It feels so much better to be sitting and resting. I remember one of the books I read when I was pregnant with twins said something like, "Don't stand if you can sit, don't sit if you can lie down." Mmmmm, lying dowwwwwwwwn.

I was surprised that the post on our baby name candidates didn't generate more comments. One reason we've always kept the candidates a secret with previous pregnancies is that we've assumed everyone would have a strong opinion and want to share it with us. We've worried about hearing bad things we can't forget. For example, during my last pregnancy we were considering the name Genevieve for the female twin, and I confided the name to an acquaintance, and she said, "Oh, that's such a great name! Like in a romance novel! I can just picture her with long flowing red hair and green eyes!" And the name was ruined. I had been picturing the brave, pleasant dog in the Madeline books, but now whenever I thought of the name I thought of trashy paperbacks. (Perhaps at first glance the dog association does not seem to you like an improvement, but in that case you will have to trust me.) Anyway, my guess is that the name post didn't generate many comments because the names are kind of boring. It isn't like our list is Maverick, Benito, Ajax, Apollo, Cosmo, and Oleander. Or maybe it's that you guys are really polite and I should have you as friends instead of those romance-novel-reading losers.

The "check engine" light came on in the truck Paul drives to work, so he took the minivan. I hate being stranded like this. I don't have anywhere I planned to go today, but as soon as I can't go anywhere I have a million ideas. Plus I'm stuck with all these unpleasant thoughts about how would we get to the emergency room, how would we escape the zombies, etc.


Black Sheeped said...

Long comment alert!

I have a really good recipe for fudge. Also, you don't actually have to bake it. It's that easy. Also, I had a dream about it just last night. It's that good.

I think when zombies come it's best to lock yourself in a room with no windows. And a weapon. And be very, very quiet. At least until help comes.

I've thought out zombie plans way too much.

Let me know if you want a fudge recipe, ever. I know some women don't eat chocolate while pregnant (although I've read intriguing studies about how women who eat chocolate in moderation while pregnant have happier babies!) but mabe you could use it later.

End long comment!

desperate housewife said...

Oh man, I feel you so much. I am as tired as can be. I wake up tired, trudge through the day tired, and fall into bed at night exhausted, with maybe a ten minute burst of energy here and there in order to keep the house from falling into shambles.
I also feel stranded, not due to a lack of vehicle but simply lack of any motivation to get myself and baby ready to leave the house. I look out at the snow and icy roads and I just think, "Yeah, not happening."