January 23, 2007

St. Jude's & Other Good Uses For Money (Like Pretty Clothes)

Okay! Eight of you commented on my "$1-to-charity-per-comment" Delurking Week entry, and I thank you very much. (I'm sure St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital thanks you, too. I love them because they don't require payments for medical treatments from families who don't have insurance.) I rounded it up to a nice even $20, because of my pro-lurker stance and also because it is not St. Jude's fault that this blog is relatively new and not yet very commentlicious.

Here is a question I always have when mailing an envelope to a charity that puts "No postage necessary" in the stamp location: If I stamp it anyway, does it mean they don't have to pay postage, or does it mean I'm wasting my stamp? What about the envelopes that say things like "Your stamp increases your support"--does that mean I have to pay the stamp, or just that it helps them out if I do?

Awhile back I mentioned that I have been making some very good purchasing decisions recently, and I am ready to reveal another of them to you. I bought an atomic clock, and it is atomitastic. It self-sets! It doesn't gradually get less and less accurate! It only occasionally mis-sets and tells me it's the year 2028! I do love it so so much. I bought a second one, and it is freaky-cool to see them ticking off the seconds in absolute unison. And when we had the time change awhile back, they automatically adjusted for that. Of course, in an apocolyptic scenario where the National Institute of Standards and Technology no longer broadcasted the time, my clocks and I would be screwed. This is why I still have some regular battery-operated clocks for back-up.

My new maternity t-shirts have arrived, and they are pretty nice. They look way better than my old ones, and the colors are prettier than I'd thought they'd be. Here are the ones I bought, in case you're pregnant and want to be twins with me: JCP Duo Maternity Solid Scoopneck Tee. I bought it in Blue Violet, Brilliant Green, Firebrick, and Provencial Blue, but it also comes in Black and in White.


Black Sheeped said...

I have no idea about the stamp question, but I wanted to say I am loving JC Penney right now. Recently, to my surprise, I found some jeans there that fit me properly. That hasn't happened in years. The JCP! Who knew?

Swistle said...

I know! It is difficult to get used to. I think of JCP as "where my grandma shops." And yet when I needed a dressy summery suit for a wedding, and I looked EVERYWHERE and could find nothing, where did I find the perfectest thing ever? JCP. And I just bought a HEAPLOAD of shirts for Elizabeth for $1.18 each (clearance, down from $7.99), and they're super cute. And some big "brawny flannel" shirts for Paul for $8.99 each (clearance, down from $40) that are super snuggly-handsome.

Olivia said...

If you place a stamp on a postage paid envelope for a non-profit the organization can be reimbursed for the cost by USPS. Postage paid envelopes are more expensive to print, but non-profits use them to encourage giving. (I used to work in the Developement Dept. of a college)