January 27, 2007

Rules for Tasting Hot Fudge Sauce

In case you have not yet had a chance to develop Hot Fudge Tasting rules for your household, I offer ours for your use:

1) You are allowed to dip a finger into the cooling hot fudge sauce, though you would be advised to check first to make sure it is not still molten.

2) You may dip that finger only one time.

3) Your finger must be clean to begin with.

4) If you are going back for another taste, you must use a new finger.

5) Be careful to leave at least one finger clean, for turning on the faucet afterward. A thumb is good for this purpose, since it is not very good for dipping anyway.


Mommy Daisy said...

I love this! Hmm, I am wondering something though. If you follow these rules, do you actually end up putting fudge sauce on anything besides your fingers? I know if I made my own sauce, I probably wouldn't. :) I think I need this recipe.

Swistle said...

Well, sure--if you make a double batch. Then there's one batch for tasting, and one batch for putting on ice cream later when you've recovered from the tasting.

I'll post the recipe--good idea! Not fair to tease, after all.