January 24, 2007

Oh, Fudge

If there is no milk in the house, and you are without a car for the day so you can't go to the grocery store, and you are thinking, "Well, that's no big deal: I will eat my own weight in vanilla ice cream, and that will fill my calcium requirement"--then let me be the voice of your own future self saying to you, "Nooooooooooooooooo!"

When I am not pregnant I like ice cream, but it doesn't occur to me to buy it. When I am pregnant, however, I bring more home every time I go to the grocery store. The other day I was having a bowl of it with some Magic Shell ice cream topping left over from the end of the school year when we did a little sundae celebration with the kids, and I idly glanced at the nutrition information on the bottle of Magic Shell. Do you know what Magic Shell is made of? DEATH.

Still, I wanted chocolatey topping, so today I made some fudge sauce. My homemade version may not be a health food but at least I can make it with LESS DEATH. And it was so, so tasty, I had three bowls of ice cream with it. Okay, four. Four bowls. Four bowls in the afternoon, plus one more just now after dinner. And so I can personally testify, not only as your future self but as my own present self, that it is a poor idea indeed.


superblondgirl said...

I have to say that that does sound oh-so-tasty. I could go for 4 or 5 bowls of ice cream with homemade fudge right now. I've never read the shell container and now I'll be sure never to do so - I will avert my eyes and just squeeze on more next time I visit my mom (the only person I know who buys the stuff). That and the wanting 5 bowls of ice cream could explain why I'm not, *ahem*, a healthier-sized person(how's that for euphemism?).

Penny said...

Do you know what Magic Shell is made of? DEATH.


I love magic shell, but yes, once I read the ingredient list I just couldn't bring myself to buy it anymore. 'Death' pretty much describes it.