January 12, 2007


I saw the OB on Wednesday, and he freaked me out by looking at my file and saying, "So! You're halfway through." Halfway through?? How did we get here already?

On Monday I have an ultrasound. I'm hoping to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. The name hunt is so difficult this time, I don't want to have to find two names if I can look for only one.


desperate housewife said...

I have an ultrasound myself in about an hour. I am so so nervous that there won't actually be a baby there at all, and once again this is some sort of "chemical pregnancy" or something. I am making myself a little nauseous with worry (or is that the baby making me nauseous?) I just want it to be over so I can know one way or another. Those first few seconds of staring at the screen and trying to figure out what you're seeing are so agonizing.
But anyways... congrats on being halfway done! And I hope it's a girl so you can have more Millicent discussion. Any luck bringing Paul around on the name?

Melissa said...

OK..I'm delurking even if it kills me. I NEVER comment anywhere because I feel like I don't have anything good to add. However, I will...FOR YOU :-)
About your thoughts on "Millicent" as a name. I think it's rather nice. I have an Addison (girl, 16yrs) and no one liked it then (I got to name her because my then husband was in Desert Storm and I was alone). She's called Addie now (except by me) and of course now I hear good things. Go with your gut! (but I suppose you have to take your husband's wishes into account..sigh)

Swistle said...

Desperate Housewife--I can't wait to hear all about your ultrasound, so post about it as soon as you can! I would be really nervous, too. Still no luck on getting Paul to like the name Millicent, but I'm doing a subtle campaign of manipulation and peer pressure to try to bring him around.

Melissa--"Nothing good to add"?? The Addison anecdote is EXCELLENT fodder for a name discussion! I'm so glad you delurked. One of my mom's friends named a baby Mackenzie back in the early '80s, to great shock and dismay all around, and now of course that name is hot stuff. It's valuable to keep in mind that name trends ebb and flow, and perhaps some of us are just a little ahead of the rest of us!