January 11, 2007

Delurking Week

Hey, did you know there was such a thing as Delurking Week? I had never heard of it, and now I am feeling chastened about all the blogs I read and don't comment on. I knew of the term "lurking," but didn't realize it was considered sub par behavior. I guess the negative connotations of the word should have tipped me off.

Some blogs I don't comment on because I'm not sure I should. There are a few I stumbled upon accidentally (like I was doing a Google search and something on that blog happened to match), and sometimes I feel like I'm looking in somebody's windows and maybe they'd rather I didn't tap on the glass. Other times, it seems like the group of commenters already knows each other, or are in some major way different from me, and I feel like I'd be an intrusive outsider if I butted in with my remarks.

Anyway, I am totally stealing this idea from Courtney, but she says she's stealing it from someone else so really I'm balancing out the universe by stealing it from her: To celebrate Delurking Week, I'll donate one crisp new dollar bill to St. Jude's Children's Research for every comment I get on this post. (The idea about using the donation to count towards my monthly good deed, I'm stealing from Beth. I'm also stealing from her the fine print about how it doesn't count if one person comments 40 times.)

Edited to add: It occurs to me only now, a day later, that Delurking Week is a manipulative attempt to force people who would rather not comment, to comment. Do you think that's true? That's it's really just a way to flush out silent readers, and not in fact a holiday of joy and celebration? Well, hm. As an introvert and a lurker myself, I feel more allegiance to the lurkers than to the ones who want to expose them. So let's make two changes. Change the first: Anonymous comments that reveal no personal information whatsoever (e.g., "Hey! You owe St. Jude's a dollar!") are totally allowed. Change the second: I'll add the $1-per-comment to a certain amount I'll send ANYWAY, say in the $10-20 range, so that allows for 10-20 lurkers to not comment and still get their dollars sent. How's that? Better?


desperate housewife said...

So does commenting here, and in essence causing you to send another dollar to St. Jude's, count as my own personal good deed?
No, I didn't think so. Oh, well. Just wanted to say thanks for commenting regularly on my blog- it always makes me so excited to see that someone actually read it! I will work harder at not "lurking" silently on any blogs I regularly read.

Black Sheeped said...

I'm not sure if I've de-lurked here yet or not, so...hi! Iread your blog! Oh, wait. I think I have delurked to tell you I like the name Millicent. But I didn't use the word "delurk," so it totally didn't count.

Shelly said...

I'm new here, came to you from Beth Fish & Playgroup Dropout. You gave such a fabulous ideas on how to entertain myself & my 14-week old that I had to come see you for myself!

Beth said...

I don't think saying "Hey, comment" is exactly forcing anyone to do anything. Free will and all that. Oh, I just cost you a buck.

Sara said...

Hi--I've been reading for a few months. I clicked on your link after reading a comment of yours on Sundry's site. I'm also an introvert and lurker--but I am reading.

Anonymous said...

Hi swistle - i very rarely de-lurk on blogs, but this I couldn't resist. I've been following you a relatively short time (I'm in Scotland)- with interest becasue you've had the courage to do what I couldn't - have a longed-for 'one more child' without positive encouragement from partner! I 'only' have three, and wish it was four. Good luck, anyway, and I'll keep reading

Lizzie said...

Hi Swistle, I'm a lurker for all same reasons you usually are--I never knew it was considered rude! I found your blog through Sundry and am continually impressed by how well you seem to handle all those kids :D Hope you're having a great day!

Sundry said...

Oop, my bad for not commenting on this ealier. Hi! Did you know I love your blog, because I totally do.

Now, back to lurking. Lurk lurk lurk.

Anonymous said...

Swistle, I'm a new lurker, and it's some four and half years late, too! Can't even remember how I ran across your blog, but I like your writing, your self-deprecating cleverness, so I'm reading all your old posts.

I'm sure St. Jude's can use a dollar this year too.

BTW, I'd like to hear how you came up with "Swistle".

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