December 20, 2006


I don't know if anyone would be interested in an update on the whole "husband not entirely thrilled about unexpected fifth child" issue. I've mentioned before that the way Paul and I deal with crises is that we close our eyes and cover our ears and say "LA LA LA" really loud until enough time passes that it's safe to look again, and so I haven't given a lot of thought to the issue in the last weeks, and in fact had almost forgotten about it. That's the miracle of ostrichism: you may get sand up your nose, but you live a more carefree life.

Anyway, the other day, Paul and I were in the playroom with the twins, and he said, "I just wanted you to know that I'm no longer thinking, 'Oh no, a baby!' I'm not thinking, 'Woo hoo, a baby!' either, but I'm more like, 'Hey, a baby!'"

I wonder if this would be a good time to tell him I think we should go for an even half-dozen.


desperate housewife said...

Hi! I discovered your blog by reading your comment to Catherine Newman's newest post- I love her, too. Or- well, I love her writing. As I do not actually know her, it would be creepy to love her, right?
Anyways... I just read almost your entire archive section, so fascinated was I by your problem/blessing of another baby. My husband wants lots of kids (5 or 6) and I sort of do and sort of don't, so I was very interested by your thoughts and feelings about having a large family. Also, you're just a good writer in general.
So anyway, I just wanted to let you know that a random stranger says hi and good luck with your pregnancy! I'll be checking in on your blog now- I have to see if you name it Penelope!

desperate housewife said...

Um, it being the baby of course. Sorry!

Swistle said...

I love Catherine Newman, too (I go right ahead and say it, even though I guess I do mean her writing; I draw the line at hanging out worshipfully on her lawn, but only because of the commute).

My aunt and uncle initially decided to have "at least six" kids, and my uncle was only semi-joking when he said he'd even like a dozen. They had their first child and started saying, "Well, we'll see how it goes." They had their second and decided to stop at two.

Paul and I originally said we'd take the decision "child by child"--like, that we wouldn't say we're having x kids but would instead each time decide if we would have another. Somewhere along the line, though, he got the number four stuck in his head. (I'm still taking it child by child!)

Jen said...

I'm curious; I know your MIL doesn't know your blog exists, but does your husband know about it?

Swistle said...

Jen- At first he didn't. But I finally told him about it, because I found I kept having to "be careful" when I was talking, and that got uncomfortable. We have an arrangement now where I email him the link to any post he may read; any other posts, he is to consider private. I didn't let him read this series.