December 14, 2006

Nap Trouble

Elizabeth is on my lap. This is the third day in a row she's declined a nap. The first day I let her skip it. The second day I made her stay in her crib the whole time. Today I did a mix of both. Consistency, that's my middle name. It should be driving me mad that she's not sleeping, since this is usually my big break: Robert in school, William in kindergarten, Elizabeth and Edward sleeping. Instead it's made me feel more affectionate toward her. I think--and this is pitiful--it's because this time together is such an exponential increase in our usual one-on-one time. The trouble with having a larger family is that there is very little one-on-one time.

I had an OB appointment yesterday. It was the first time I'd seen the OB who handled most of my last pregnancy. He was surprised and amused and pleased to see me again. There were jokes about knowing how this works, have to stop meeting like this, etc.

Can we talk about the name Penelope? Is that a crazy name, or within the realm of possibility for a new baby? I think it's pretty, but maybe too unusual?


aoife said...

Well... its not my favorite name. That being said, do like its nicknames and can you handle saying whatever name you give her a minimum of 100 times a day when you are aggravated.
Penelope. Penelope. Penelope.

Its hard to type.

Swistle said...

I also wonder if it's familiar enough to be pronounced correctly, or if people might say "PEN uh lope" instead of "puh NELL oh pee."

I'll bet we'd quickly start calling her "Pen." I'm not crazy about "Penny" (sounds dated to me), but Paul likes it.

Raisin'Cookies said...

This comment is hilariously late and totally of no use to you, but I couldn't read this entry and not say something! My little baby is Penelope Anne. She is 5 months old, and goes by the following names so far:

Penelope (my three year old refuses to use a nickname)
Penny (I wasn't so sure at first, either, but something about fusty old names on tiny babies appeals to me)
Pen 10 (She's got super powers! She's no ordinary kid! She's Pen 10!)
Penny Pudding

Nicknames I wouldn't mind using:

For some reason they haven't been sticking, though.

Penelope was the only name we agreed on during the pregnancy. I was kind of resigned about it rather than totally in love with it (I still adore Eleanora) but she's a cute little Penny. I'm happy with it now. :)