December 19, 2006

Christmas Cards

One of the best things about December is the mail, which contains a toy surprise almost every day: a package on the porch, a Christmas card in the mailbox. Since the packages are almost always things I ordered, it's the cards I look forward to the most. I put them up with poster putty around the arch between living room and kitchen, and I look at the pretty pictures with a sentimental sigh: like driving around looking at Christmas lights, it's one of my favorite non-present-related parts of the holidays.

There is lots of complaining about Christmas cards. People write to advice columnists complaining that people just sign their names, or that Christmas cards are a waste of time and money and environmental resources, or that the form letters that accompany them are so impersonal. I don't mind any of that stuff if there's a pretty picture on the front. I have the rest of the year to exchange personalized information with these people, so at Christmas what I want is paper with glitter and foil on it.

I love Christmas cards so much, I would almost make a new friend just for the Christmas card they might send me. In fact, I should have asked you to send me one, but I'm nervous about weirdo Internet types. I know you're not a weirdo Internet type, but if I give my address to one person I have to give it to everyone, and before you know it I have stalkers on the front lawn criticizing the way I hung the Christmas lights.


aoife said...

and I just can't stand card without anything in them. Its even worse when ppl are sending so many they print stickers for the address and write nothing inside but their name. ARGH!

Swistle said...

Some people don't even write their names, but have it pre-printed on the card. Even this is okay with me if there is enough sparkle. Pretty, pretty cards.

shoeaddict said...

I loooooove Christmas Cards, too!! I love to send them and love to recieve them. I like the ones with photos.